Construction & demolition materials make up ~40% of landfilled waste in the United States. This includes gypsum, asphalt, concrete, steel, wood, and brick. There's a major opportunity for the C&D sector to increase its reuse activities - whether that's using reclaimed materials in new buildings, or diverting materials to non-landfill end uses. The Tennessee Materials Marketplace can help your construction or demolition business actively engage in the circular economy and discover reuse, remanufacturing and recycling solutions for these common but hard-to-recycle materials.


post and browse by-product and waste materials


receive guidance & conduct facilitated transactions


collaborate cross sector with other TN businesses

Why Participate?

If you're landfilling odd, hard to recycle materials, we can help!

Your facility may have waste or by-product:

These materials could be ideal feedstocks for:

  • Landscape Companies

  • Speciality C&D Recyclers

  • Drywall Manufacturers

  • Building Product Manufacturers

  • Builders

  • Wood Recyclers and Compost Companies

  • Concrete Aggregate Producers 

On the other hand, you may find materials in the Marketplace that replace virgin feedstocks in your own manufacturing process - cutting costs, creating positive environmental impact, and building your local supply chain.